A Sunday in Batticaloa

March 31, 2014 at 2:52 pm


Some goods lie outside a shop in a lane off Batticaloa’s main shopping street. 

Batticaloa is the main city on Sri Lanka’s eastern coast with a population of about 100,000. There are a few remnants from its rich history such as the Dutch fort which looks out on to one of the three surrounding lagoons. 

Dutch fort

The Dutch fort, built by the Portuguese in 1628 and taken over by the Dutch 10 years later.

My visit was unfortunately a brief one though, and I only had a day to roam around the place. As it was a Sunday, it was specially quiet with most businesses closed for the day and the streets generally empty. Nevertheless, the place had a pleasant, relaxed feel to it and was much more enjoyable to walk around than your average Sri Lankan town. I hope to make another visit. 

Chruch, Batticoloa

There really are so many churches around the country, most in this Portuguese style. My preference goes for the ones painted blue and white. 

Sunday cricket, Batticaloa

A group of friends enjoy a Sunday morning game of cricket in the shade of a banyan tree. 

Construction site, Batticaloa

A construction site near the Dutch fort.

Downtown Batticaloa

Downtown Batticaloa on a Sunday morning. Quiet.

Kallady bridge

Kallady bridge was built in 1924 during British colonial rule. It was the main bridge until a new one, right next to this one, was opened in March 2013. The old bridge is now used by the cyclists and pedestrians.