Chilaw: the first stop on a 3 week road trip

June 5, 2014 at 7:53 am

On June 19th I picked up an old Toyota Corolla clocking over 170.000 kms with the plan to further explore less visited spots along Sri Lanka’s coastline in the next month. My first trip out of Colombo was a short 4 day trip north of Colombo as I needed to get back home by the 24th. 

I set for Chilaw, a city I had driven through previously on my way to Puttalam. It is a vibrant city (in Sri Lankan terms), with a predominantly devout Catholic population and a large fishing community. I spent three days wondering around the town and on the second day stumbled across a colourful, small and friendly fishing village which I returned to a couple of times.  

For the time-being, here’s a one-shot-teaser of possibly the most effective scare-crow I’ve yet to see. 

The ultimate scare-crow, Chilaw

A dead crow hanging from a stick is used to deter other crows from the fish drying on the sand.