Final stop, second part: Jaffna surroundings

September 19, 2014 at 8:35 pm

At a Hindu festival on the small island of Pungudutivu, near Jaffna

During my staff in Jaffna I ventured out of town on a few days. I made a trip to Point Pedro, mainly to see the old, abandoned Saint Anthony’s church and its graveyard, now swamped by sand dunes.

Graveyard on dunes, Point Pedro

I also ventured to Nainativu island to have a peek at the Hindu temple.

Cow, Nainativu

The journey there involves crossing a few causeways linking small, desolate islands off the coast of Jaffna and a final 20 minute ferry ride to Nainativu island. On the way there I stumbled across a Hindu festival and observed the locals give one of the many shrines its annual and highly celebrated outing on a chariot around the temple (photo at the top).

Nainativu itself is practically empty bar the temple, a few shops and houses and a recently built Buddhist temple. 

Shop, Nainativu

Finally, I also returned to Velanai island and explored the eerily, empty town of Kayts. 

Downtown, Kayts

Here are a couple of more shots from my outings. 

Ray, Point Pedro

Some recently caught ray on the beach in Point Pedro.

Shop under a palm, Jaffna outskirts

A small shop perched under the shade of palm tree on the outskirts of Jaffna.